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When will age impact my ability to improve my cycling?

Aug 24th, 2013 by krsnendu

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Question by : When will age impact my ability to improve my cycling?
I turn 50 yrs old soon. I have been serious about cycling for the past 2 years (7-10 hrs training/week). For 10 years prior to that I cycled as part of triathlon training. I am currently at the best level of cycling ability that I have ever been after the past 2 yrs of serious training. Do I have a few more years of continuing to improve, or will age offset my training? Thank you.

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Answer by Nathan
get a bmx bike and learn rad tricks………. you will be the coolest old dude in your town

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3 Responses to “When will age impact my ability to improve my cycling?”

  1. Rakibei Koneka
    August 24, 2013 at 11:44 pm

    get a bmx bike and learn rad tricks…

  2. Bob A
    August 25, 2013 at 12:32 am

    You will be able to improve for years to come. I turn 58 next week and seen a big improvement this summer buy riding longer and harder. I used a trainer during the last winter and it helped a lot. I try to do 20-25 miles miles a day and take a day off when needed. Climbing hills will really make you strong. I think I have a few good years left

  3. Old Hippie
    August 25, 2013 at 1:28 am

    50? What’s it like to be young? I’m pushing 60. Got a late start on cycling. Still improving. I know of at least two gentlemen in my area around 70 & still riding. Both can kick my butt.

    Now these guys have road bikes & I ride a hybrid due to arthritic back & knee problems. But still, they are in good shape & infinitely faster than me. I like to think that cycling has basically either saved my life, or added some years to it. Drastic weight loss.

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