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Ironguides Training Programs

Dec 9th, 2009 by krsnendu

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To live an extraordinary life,
you must resist an ordinary approach.

At ironguides, we resist the ordinary approach to help our athletes live extraordinary lives!

Your best is our business.™

Ironguides was founded by the late Marc Becker combining his own experience coaching age-group athletes with the secrets he learned from Brett Sutton, coach of numerous triathlon champions including Greg Bennett and Chrissie Wellington.

Here is some information about Ironguides Training Programs.

We apply the principles of The Method’s unique, very effective triathlon training with the fundamentals of healthy living to ensure that you get the most out of your triathlon training:

  • Potent training mix for optimal recovery and sustainable, effective triathlon training efforts
  • Effective, non-invasive regeneration and preparation techniques
  • Quality sleep
  • Quality nutrition
  • Effective stress coping skills

The Method

The Method is ironguides’ proprietary, unique training approach tailored to the demands of today’s Age Group athlete.

The Method incorporates some of the structure and principles used by many of today’s top professionals but places this training in the reality of the Age Group athletes daily demands and limited ime.

The Method helps you use your time to maximum efficiency by providing optimal training and specific instructions to:

  • Develop your sport-specific motor patterns
  • Reduce training volume by increasing training effectiveness
  • Increase relevant strength
  • Enhance speed and improve lactic acid tolerance
  • Build endurance
  • Improve your mental preparation
  • Support your training, racing and recovery with the right nutrition

Find out about the basis of the Method here:

Read the training guidelines here:

See below for specific training plans:

70.3 / Half Ironman

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